Bible Quiz

Bible Quiz

Bible Quiz

This Quiz will be available every week and there are some rules for participants

  1. This quiz is an Open Quiz (anyone can participate)
  2. You must provide correct Email & Name (we are using your email only for communication regarding this quiz that means we will send notification through your email if you were qualifying to win the prize)
    • Eg. You won the quiz, but if we cannot contact you through your email (due to wrong email) your prize will be given to the one who scored highest mark next to you.
  3. Though the prize is not yet announced, could probably be a cash payment through UPI PAYMENT.
  4. What is needed to be clarified regarding this Quiz, we will be updating in due time on this page itself.
  5. All questions carry 5 marks each, there will be -1 negative marking per one wrong answered.
  6. When the quiz is started, you will be permitted only once to attempt for each quiz.
  7. Winning procedure:
    • Top 20 highest mark scorers will be selected.
    • Among all these 20 people, first priority will be given to those who submitted the quiz earlier.
  8. You will receive message through your submitted email. In case if you seem not receiving any message regarding quiz check here
  9. Open your email >> Open the button pointed with arrow


Please visit this page often and never missed all opportunities

It will be updating soon
  1. This Quiz is to be held soon
  2. The Quiz link will be updated HERE
  3. All questions will be objective type (may carry 5 marks each) and there will be negative marking (-1 will be given to each wrong answer)
  4. Winning procedure is based on
    • Mark score
    • Submission time (earlier is preferred)
    • All who scored 90% or above are eligible to win the prizes
  5. We chose this process in order to grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ
  6. If there is any confusion or query please feel free to Contact Us here.

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