Sign like in the Days of Noah

Sign like in the Days of Noah - Pastor B.Goumuanthang

Sign like in the Days of Noah 


"But no one knows that day or that hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." Mark 13:32 cf. Luke 17:26–30.

We do not know when will our Savior be back to take us home (to His father's house) and then return with the saints to reign as a king for a thousand years on this earth literally. Though only the Father knows, we have some idea that His time will be like during the days of Noah and Lot. What was happening during those days became the points that could enlighten us about His day. So, let us see how was it on those days.

During the time of Noah and Lot, they ate, drank, married wives, and were given in marriage, they bought and sold, they planted and built, says the Lord. And it will be the same in the days of the Son of Man (Lk.17:26-30). What do you say of this present time compares to those days? Don't you see as the same as of those days? It is because we heard preaching of the gospel from a well-trained godly man in a vivid way. Seeing crystal clear who the Lord is with our heart, reading His very word from the Scripture, hearing his voices, and seeing thousands of His miracles. But, there is a big contradiction compare to our day-to-day life experiences. It is because we do not believe wholeheartedly and place Him primary over anythings we loved so much. We do not even assume Him as our Lord, but we instead treated Him like someone else besides us as a comrade. So, what different things are there to see in comparison to those days.

What do you think about the sin they were practicing during those days? Do you think their sins are different wholly from this present age's sin practice? There is no difference at all, for our (including them) sin practice is doing the desire of our own heart and not the desires of our Lord God. It is quite important to know that just lifting hands, singing praise, or worship songs with tears is simply not acceptable to the Lord unless all these were happening wholeheartedly because the Lord looks to man's heart. On the other hand, even if we do not harm anyone, this doesn't always please God for all the steps we took according to our hearts' desire are an abomination to the Lord for whatsoever whether it is good or bad, what the Lord says good is good and bad is bad. 

Therefore, disobeying our Lord by following our desire will one day pass through the boundary of God's tender call because all mankind is facing death one day and that be followed by judgment (Heb.9:27). They followed their desire until flood arrived in Noah's day and fire came down in Lot's day but those (Noah's family and Lot's family) who clung to the word of God wholeheartedly until they die (not temporarily) were saved. So, likewise, God wants us to repent (i.e. turn our heart, mind, though, life direction) and cling to His word for eternity and be saved because He has no pleasure in the death of the wicked but that the wicked turn from his way and live (Ez.33:11). Therefore, this is the time to retrospect ourselves from where we stood and promptly grab the right standing position for this is the right time our Lord is calling us with His tender love. Remember, His tender voice could fade away anytime soon. 

By reading the article "Sign like in the Days of Noah," May the Lord help you for His glory. 

Thank you.

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